Mr. Zeeshan Zaffar

 Director, ILM Karianwala

The development of excellence in the educational environment is a primary object of Karianwala as in the form of ILM group of colleges, girls campus. Furthermore, as a future of Karianwala is a need to produce future leaders that are able to adapt to the dynamic world through critical thinking and being socially responsible citizens. This institute is going to solve all their educational problems, travelling problems, time wastage, money wastage etc. Now the brand is being introduced in this remote area for the daughters of Karianwala to achieve their aims requires providing an equal opportunity among highly education.

Amna Afzal Bajwa

Miss. Amna Afzal Bajwa

 Principal, ILM Karianwala

The ILM college girls campus Karianwala is a true commitment with the parents, daughters and future leaders of Karianwala through inspired teachers, mentors by imparting the necessary skills, academic learning, excellence, leadership management and personality grooming through Modern and Islamic approach; so that they can inspire, discover and conquer the world. We aspire not only to coach our students but to inspire them to lead and over come academic and professional tests. We will built them with problems solving skills.

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